Yevo Review – Is It Legit? This Might Surprise You


First of all, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with Yevo in any way. I have knowledge of the Yevo business opportunity because I have been introduced to the business and I’ve been involved with Network Marketing for a number of years. I have enough knowledge of Yevo to write this non-biased Yevo Review. The company is built based upon 4 goals: to have long term sustainable growth, to have a good dollar per hour proposition/good compensation, a good career path, and for it to follow all of the guidelines within Legislation.

Yevo is a company that Peter Castleman has developed. Peter Castleman is a very smart guy. He actually graduated at the top of his class in Economics from Duke University and he became a professor at Harvard. He has also worked on Wall Street. He has been a very successful part in NuSkin, Herbalife and Igloo. He bought out North Face Outerwear Company when it was going bankrupt, and turned it into a $3 billion per year company. He has taken about a Dozen companies and put most of them into Billion Dollar status. Needless to say, the company Yevo is in great hands!

Peter Castleman is passionate about nutrition and health. That is why he has decided to open a company that is based solely around the nutrition and health industry. The product of Yevo is Whole Food Based Meals, which have a shelf life of up to 3 years. This food is also GMO free. And best of all, for those within the US, all of the food is grown in America. The food is also very tasty. The alfredo sauce alone, contains up to 43 nutrients and is gourmet delicious! Each meal is 400 calories or less. These meals also help people with portion control.

Yevo has an extraordinary product that people are going to want, need, and use. Yevo has an awesome opportunity because everyone needs this product. Yevo is already ready to roll out into 5 other countries. The Comp plan is very lucrative. The comp plan is a 7 Generation deep Hybrid Uni-Level comp plan. You find 3 people who like to eat healthy and get them enrolled in the company and your food is free. As you are building your business, you are getting paid on the volume that you and your team members are creating. There are some incredible wealth building bonuses as a result of you building/growing your organization.

Yevo is also a one-to-one compensation plan, this means that there is not a CV/BV split which basically means that if you purchase 100 bucks worth of products and someone else purchases 100 bucks worth of products then, there will be 100% commissionable volume. More than 50% of commissionable volume cannot come from your own personal purchases though.

There is also no monthly auto ship requirements, but there are volume requirements for being active, this volume is made up of customer volume/purchases and your own volume/purchases.

In my opinion, the Yevo compensation plan is excellent, and you can earn a substantial amount of money in the business. This company is led by some great people, but your success depends on how hard you are willing to work for it.

Unfortunately, most Yevo reps will not achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads per day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your Yevo business, visit Jeremy’s MLM Training


Hello and Happy New Year!
I’ve decided to make this year really count.
I’m going to work on my business more than ever before and take it to new heights.
I am also going to be working on my personal development/mindset and I will be reading more books, blogging more, and exploring new things.
My first book I would like to start reading this year is one that my friend told me about called
“QIGONG THE SECRET OF YOUTH” by Dr.Yang, Jwing-Ming. It is supposed to be about meditation, T’ai Chi, Yin and Yang, and how to control the energy within.

Some goals of mine for 2015:

1)To start going to church more

2)To eat healthier

3)To be more organized

4)To work on my mindset

5)To be more consistent

Have you decided what you are going to do different for the New Year?
Here is a video that I found to be very influential:

Kindness creates a ripple effect that can change someone’s
life forever. Decide to make 2015 a year in which you’ll
commit to being kind and helping others. If we each
decide to be better, we’ll collectively make the world
a better place.

Jeremy Wright
Business Success Coach

jeremy wright fanpage





PS:Whatever your current situation find the good in it. Everything starts in your mind and you can decide here to change your world

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Melaleuca Reviews – The Truth About Melaleuca

First, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with Melaleuca in any way. I have been introduced to Melaleuca a few times and I just know a lot about the company and I am sharing my information and opinions with everyone else.

Melaleuca has been around for over 20 years, since 1985. Melaleuca has had its ups and downs. It is one of the largest and most well-known network marketing companies around today. Their products are made without harmful chemicals, therefore making it safer for everyone in the world and the environment. They do over $800,000,000 in sales annually. Melaleuca is a world-wide company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Frank VanderSloot is the CEO of the company.

To become a preferred customer you must buy 4 to 7 items a month. Each product is worth a certain number of points. As a preferred customer you must purchase 35 product points. You get a savings of 30% when you are a preferred customer. Preferred customers also get $100 worth of free products after their first 5 months. Melaleuca also partners with many popular online stores so that their preferred customers can get big discounts with them. Melaleuca also has some local stores.

You can become an independent representative or distributor for $30. You will need to purchase $35 worth of products per month to be commission qualified. Commissions and bonuses are based on actual sales of products. When you refer a customer to Melaleuca, you will receive 7% of their monthly amount spent on products. Once you refer a customer, you will receive commission from their sales. Melaleuca has a high re-purchase rate, which means that you can earn a residual income.

You also will receive 7% commission from 7 generations below you. This means if you refer Bob, and then Bob refers Joe, you will receive 7% commission from both Bob and Joe and so on.. Seven generations down. You can refer as many people as you would like and you will get 7% from them and their downline, 7 generations deep. Melaleuca does not like to be referred to as an MLM company, but in my eyes it is. There are also many other bonuses to be made within the company.

Most of Melaleuca’s business reps are still doing marketing the old-fashioned ways. This means they are probably chasing friends and family, standing in shopping malls while handing out flyers, spending hours talking to strangers about their products and opportunity. There is a better way to do business and sadly most Melaleuca reps don’t know about it.

Melaleuca seems like a great company. It has been around for longer than I have been alive. You can make a great amount of income with it, but you must first be willing to learn how to market the business the right way to be successful. The products of this company are what most consumers are looking for, although they can be a bit more expensive than some at your local grocery store, they are healthy products for you and the environment. This is a legitimate business opportunity. I have no doubt about that. There are several people who are so quick to jump and say “It’s a SCAM!”, when really they probably were not successful at the business because they didn’t know how to market effectively.

Unfortunately, most Melaleuca reps won’t achieve the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit my MLM TRAINING.


Isagenix Review – An Honest Review Of Isagenix – Is It Legit?

First, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with ISAGENIX in any way. I know people who are using Isagenix and who are working the business. I was introduced to Isagenix a few months back. I have knowledge of the company and I am just sharing my knowledge with you. You can feel comfortable in knowing that what you read is a completely honest review.

Isagenix is a Network Marketing company based on health and wellness. Their products are trusted in many different countries around the world. Isagenix has also been seen on TV.

John Anderson is the Founder of the company. John is a master formulator of nutritional supplements. He has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, and he has created more than 2300 nutritional and weight loss products. The products he has created are internationally recognized. I’m sure he knows what he is doing and what he is formulating after making over 2300 products.

Jim and Kathy Coover are the Co-Founders of Isagenix.
Jim Coover, President and CEO of Isagenix, has been a part of many other network marketing companies. He has helped shape the network marketing industry and he has created one of the most generous, simple and effective compensation plans in the industry.

Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President, is a nationally recognized and respected leader in the Network Marketing industry. She has become a top money earner in three separate companies and has made millions in income since 1992. She is an expert at training people.

The Isagenix product line includes 5 pillars of health to help people live a longer and healthier life.

CLEANSE FOR LIFE – Cleanse for Life is an all-natural nutritional drink that helps support the removal of toxins.

ISALEAN SHAKE – The Isa Lean Shake is a meal replacement formula for losing weight. This shake also has a formula for preventing muscle loss which is important for anyone trying to lose weight (powder protein). Protein intake is also important for living a longer and healthier life.

IONIX SUPREME – Ionix Supreme is a formula made to reduce physical and mental stress. One to two ounces of this daily will help your body better cope with the effects of stress. This is also known to give more energy and greater performance for an improved quality of life.

AGELESS ESSENTIALS FOR WOMEN – Ageless Essentials pak helps rejuvenate the body at the cellular level. This includes optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals.

PRODUCT B – Product B reduces oxidative stress and provides Telomere support.

You can make a great residual income with Isagenix. The Isagenix compensation plan is a binary compensation plan. You have two teams. This means that one person who signs up into the business goes on your left team and another person goes on your right team. Then your teams build from there. I recommend that you check out the compensation plan on the Isagenix website because it goes into greater detail on the compensation. To start earning team bonuses you will need to reach a certain rank. Once you reach that rank then you will be able to earn volume (BV points) on each of your teams and then you will end up cashing out on it. Every product in Isagenix has a point status. You must get 600 BV (Binary Volume) on one side and 300 BV on the other side. Once this happens it is called a Cycle and you will receive about $54 or 6% of the BV. This BV comes from unlimited levels down so you can make a LOT of money once you get your teams built. In total there are 6 different income streams in different ranks of Isagenix. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of work to get your teams built just like any MLM company.

With this business opportunity, you must shift people into taking a cleansing/weight loss product. This has some side effects that some people may not like. Also some say that it doesn’t taste very good. Therefore, it may be harder to build the business. You also have 1 to 2 days of not eating much food. However, the Isagenix opportunity sounds like a great one because there are several people in the United States who need to lose weight and cleanse the bad toxins out of their body. Also, many people have lost weight using this product and it has even been featured on the news. And you can succeed with this business if you have the right training and knowledge on how to market the business.

However, most Isagenix reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit my MLM Training.

An Honest Review of MPB Today – Pros And Cons – Is There Really NO RISK?

Here I will give you my honest opinion on the Network Marketing company “MPB Today”. This review will give you some great information that you should consider before joining the company. You will learn the pros and the cons of the company. And whether or not there is really a risk involved.

MPB Today is a Network Marketing company. MPB stands for My Premier Business. The MPB Today product line is groceries. This is a nice product to have because everyone needs groceries. Everyone eats. However, not too many people buy groceries online. MPB Today delivers groceries to your home. But if you are out of the local shipping area then shipping costs can be high.

Well as you all know, there are many elderly people in the US today. As the days go by, more and more of the baby boomers are retiring. MPB Today has a great product for the elderly and senior citizens because a lot of them can’t drive or get out of the house as much as they need to. This is one reason I think it is a good idea for MPB Today to use groceries as a dropshipping product. The elderly or handicapped people can just have their groceries shipped to their house.

To join MPB Today you must pay $10 a year for your replicated website.
And there is a one-time $200 buy in. You can also use this $200 toward groceries if you don’t cycle. It sounds like a killer deal right? Keep reading..

MPB Today has a pretty good compensation plan.
It is a 2×2 Matrix. Let me explain..
Basically before you can get paid you must bring 2 people into the business and then they must bring 2 people into the business. (Or you can bring all 6 of them in yourself)
Once this happens it is called a Cycle.

When you cycle you are now eligible to get paid.
You can now get your $200 worth of groceries delivered without paying shipping costs or you can get a $200 Walmart gift card instead.
You will also get $300 in cash. If you wish to stay in and keep getting paid then you will put $200 toward another cycle and will instead get $100 cash.
Overall it sounds like a great business if you stick with it and know what you’re doing. But the downside to having no monthly fee is that you can’t make a guaranteed monthly residual income. (Part of the reason why I am not jumping in the biz)

When you don’t cycle and you want to use your $200 buy in towards groceries, you must pay the shipping cost for your groceries. You can only choose to get a Walmart gift card when you cycle. The shipping cost cannot be paid with your $200 buy-in. You must come out of pocket for that.

For example, lets say you have your $200 buy-in but you only want to buy $140 worth of groceries, you cannot use the remaining amount to pay for the shipping. That must come out of pocket and if it is being shipped to oklahoma then that would cost you about $55.00. The last time I checked it would cost me $75 to ship $200 worth of groceries to my home in Oklahoma city. That’s actually more than what it costs to have a $1400.00 living room suit delivered to my house. Also another thing to consider is that if you are out of the local shipping area then you cannot buy meat/deli products from MPB Today.

Overall, MPB Today is a great business. You can make a lot of money with MPB Today if you know what you’re doing! I know people who are making a great income with MPB Today. The senior citizens love it! But it is not something that I am going to get into, simply because I like having long-term residual income rather than having to cycle a dozen times to keep the checks coming in.

There are no monthly fees so it is much easier for someone to say yes to the business, but on the other hand, it is also much easier for one to quit the business all together. EASY COME, EASY GO.. You get a one time payment from cycling and if you or your downline doesn’t stick with it then you’re S.O.L. on receiving another payment.

Unfortunately, most MPB Today reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit my MLM Training.

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Personality Types



I think everyone would love to!
That is why I am writing this on my blog today.
You have the ability to read your prospects mind but you must first learn how and practice it.
There is a simple formula for this.
Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to talk to your prospect on the phone or in person and know them almost better than they know themselves.
You will know what to say to please him/her into making an intelligent decision.

Marketing has to come before the sale!
In marketing you should answer these questions. This is basic marketing. “KNOW THY PROSPECT”

Who? What? When? Where? How?

Who – Who is the person looking at your ad/watching your video? Who are you trying to attract? Your ideal prospect? (Network Marketers)
What - What is it? What do you have that they want?
When – When do they want it? NOW! If they enter a name and phone number they want it right now. (You can create urgency so they do want it now)
Where – Where can they get it? Where can they buy it? (Your Website? Directly from you? Through mail? Fax?)
How - How are they gonna buy it? (With credit card on website? Phone? Store?)

Now Create A Marketing Plan
How are you going to present and connect these people with what they need/what you have??
Lets say you made a video telling about your product and someone went to your site and entered their name and phone number..
Now it is time for you to pick up the phone and call them!

There Are 4 Phases That You Need To Go Through With Your Prospect
Introduction – Introduce yourself.
Rapport – Build a relationship with your prospect on the phone or in person.
Fact Finding Phase – Find the facts. What do they want?

Look over the personality types below and see if you can figure out their personality type by asking them questions and listening to what they have to say.

Everybody in the world is some combination of these colors/personalities.


-If you figure out their dominant personality type, then you will also know what to expect from them when trying to close the sale.

-Cause Motivated Category
-Fact Motivated Category
-Fun Motivated Category
-Money Motivated Category

*Be sure to see the picture illustration at the top of this post*

Yellow Personality

They are usually open-indirect when speaking to you.
Generally Yellows are cause motivated. They like to help people.
They are in more service-type of professions.
Examples: Nurse, Teacher, Non-profit.
Yellows can also be a stay-at-home mom because they are usually nurturing.
They have a big heart. They usually put others before themselves.
Yellows are generally soft-spoken.
Yellows fall between open and indirect on the personality chart.
Examples: If you were speaking to a yellow personality and you asked them what they currently do for a living..
Open response: I’m a Nurse.
Indirect response: I help people.. I work with people in the health industry. (they answered you but you kind of have to squeeze it out of them a little)

At the end of the day yellows are gonna be the ones who help you the most in your organization because they are the teachers. 

Green Personality

They are usually indirect-closed when speaking to you.
Generally they do not buy on impulse.
They use terms such as research, more information, due diligence.
There occupations are generally I.T. Professionals, Accountants, and Engineers.
They can sit in a cubicle all day and be fine with it. (lone rangers)
They are number driven people.
These people are the most LOYAL. They do not flip-flop.
Once they decide on something they stick with it.
They will stick with you through thick and thin.
Example of a closed personality..
Question: What do you do for a living?
Closed response: I work for a fortune 500 company.
See they answered the question but we still don’t know what they do..

Blue Personality

When speaking to you they are usually open-direct
These can be outside sales people. They are usually very talkative people.
They love meeting new people.
These people don’t want to sit in a cubicle.
Blues can also be Realtors or Mortgage Brokers.
They like to have FUN!
They like interacting with other people.
These people are generally kind of junky and they don’t wear watches. They don’t care about time.
This is the group of people who will help you promote the most. 
They may not be as loyal as others because they can jump around from one thing to another frequently.
It’s all about having FUN!!
Example of a direct response:
What do you do for a living?
Direct response: Oh im a top earner in my abc marketing business.

Red Personality

When speaking to you they are usually direct-closed.
They are concerned with how much money they can make.
They like bonuses, flashy items, bragging rights, and big vacations!
They don’t mind telling others what to do! (Hints the word direct)
Red occupations consist of: CEO type of people, Bosses, and Entrepreneurs who have been in the game for quite some time.
It’s not about feelings! It’s about the bottom line!
They are almost like a SUPER STAR.
Their skills are usually off the chart so much to the point that they can’t really teach it that well.
Now lets give you a sample of closing someone who is in the GREEN-Fact Motivated personality
Joe has already told you that he is an accountant. You have already built rapport..

You: Well great! I think ABC company/product will be the perfect thing for you. We have a 2 week trial that is only $9.95
You can try it yourself and then it will give you time to make an intelligent decision.
Is that what you want to do Joe?
Joe: sure..
You: Great! How soon do you want to get started?
When can you get behind our product/system and do your due diligence?
Joe: Well i think i want to do a little more research…
(You shouldn’t get knocked out of your seat..)
You: Well what can I do to help you do some more research over this?..
Lets do this.. Why don’t we agree to reconnect in 2 days?
Does friday work good for you joe?
Joe: Yes
You: Great what time?
Joe: 5pm
You: Great! You know joe it would be a great delight for me if you have anymore questions to just write them down and then i will answer them when we speak again on friday.
Now Joe had a great experience! You fed him what he likes to eat. Joe will come back to you. You didn’t try to sell him. You helped him. You weren’t pushy.

For information on how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit Jeremy’s MLM Training.

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An Honest Review of Chews 4 Health – Is It a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

First of all, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with Chews-4-Health in any way. You can be assured that what you read is a completely honest review of Chews-4-Health. I am not trying to sell you into the business. I am only giving out information that I know about the company to help others who are looking into the business.

Chews 4 Health is a delicious tasting, doctor formulated, natural chewable dietary supplement derived from the most nutrient-rich sources from around the world. The Chews 4 Health Corporate Headquarters is located in Wilmington, NC.

Dr. David Friedman is the man who formulated Chews-4-Health.  Dr. David Friedman has doctorate degrees in Chiropractic, Neurology, and Naturopathy. He is also post-doctorate certified from the Harvard School of Medicine and the Southeastern Back Institute. In addition, he has written nutritional articles for over two dozen national journals and magazines including: “Nutrition Today”, “Chiropractic Economics”, “The American Naturopathic Journal”, and “Today’s Chiropractic”. He is also known as the “Godfather of Liquid Nutrition.” His patients include some of today’s top celebrities and movie stars.
It is usually important to learn about the leader of a company before you signup with the company. If you see that the leader has a good background, then most likely, the business will go a long way. It seems like Dr. David Friedman knows what he is doing and the company is in great hands.

There are 6 different income streams within the Chews-4-Health comp plan.
1. Retail Profits – You can generate profits by selling your Chews-4-Health products at retail price to your customers. Being a member of Chews-4-Health and selling the product at retail price will give you a profit of up to $14.95 per box.

2.Two-Infinity Team Bonus – In order to receive your two-infinity team bonus you must enroll two new Team Members (one on each “leg”), who purchase one of the Starter Packs. These two team members mark the start of your “Two to Infinity” organization.As long as one personally enrolled Team Member from your “Left Team” and “Right Team” maintains 20 monthly Chews Volume (CV) each month you remain commission qualified. You will receive between 4% and 12% commissions depending on what level of Autoship program you choose. You will not only earn commissions from your efforts, but you will also be able to earn commissions from the efforts of others below you on your two legs. (Please refer to the Chews 4 Health website for more details)

3. Matching Two-Infinity – This bonus pays you a percentage of your top two producers and then doubles that percent for all others you have personally enrolled. You also earn a percentage of each of your enrollees top two producers, and their top two.. to infinity.

4. Fast Start Bonus – If you are an active member, and you enroll a new team member, you can receive up to a $120 fast start bonus.(Please refer to the Chews 4 Health website for more details)

5. Rank Advancement Program – As you advance in Rank you receive a special pin, a one-time CASH BONUS, Recognition at Annual Conferences, and a Certificate of Achievement.  Plus, you will always maintain your highest Rank achieved!(Please refer to the Chews 4 Health website for more details)

6. Car Bonus – You can get a new car from Chews-4-Health. (Please refer to the Chews 4 Health website for more details)

So as you can see, there are many different income streams within Chews-4-Health and you can receive a large amount of money with Chews-4-Health. It is overall a legitimate business.

Sadly, most Chews-4-Health reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your Chews-4-Health business, visit Jeremy’s MLM Training.

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An Honest and Unbiased Review of WorldVentures – Can You Really Make Money With WorldVentures?

First, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with WorldVentures in any way. I have knowledge of the WorldVentures opportunity and I also know a few people involved with WorldVentures. I am just sharing my knowledge of WV with everyone. You can feel comfortable in knowing that what you read is a completely honest review.


Over $8 Trillion is being spent on world wide travel every year. That number is expected to rise to $15 Trillion in the next few years because of the baby boomers. Which makes this an excellent network marketing business opportunity. There are several home-based business opportunities in the travel niche and WorldVentures is one of the more popular of them all.  In WorldVentures first three years in business they did over $150 Million in revenue and that number is expected to rise over the next few years.

When you join WorldVentures you basically become an online travel agent, competing with other travel companies. But most people who join WorldVentures focus more on marketing the business opportunity. The only bad thing about joining a travel company is that there is a lot of competition in the travel industry. But travel does have the most money being spent on it.


The cost to join WorldVentures is $199 upfront and $24.95 per month. What you receive for your membership is an online retail travel website, online travel tutorials and exam, along with higher level travel industry opportunities. Your primary products are “Dream Trips” exclusive vacation packages. Once you join “WorldVentures Dream Trips” there are several vacation packages to choose from throughout the year. You get discounts on travel around the world.

Your LTC (Leisure Travel Consultant) site is powered by Rovia. People can go to your site and book vacation packages, cruises, airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, condo rentals, and much more.


Here are your average earnings taken from the WorldVentures website. Example for a condo rental, lets say the cost for the condo is about $399 a week, you earn about $23. Example for a vacation for two, lets say the cost is about $1,478 per person, that’s $2,956 total, you earn about $177. Example for a group cruise, lets say the total is $31,980 total, you earn about $2,238.
As you can see, if you are planning on just booking travel for people then you will need to book a bunch in order to make any money with WV. Most people in WorldVentures make money by marketing the business opportunity. If you are wanting to just book travel you might be better off becoming an agent for another company rather than join a network marketing company.


World Ventures was founded by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue  and is based in Dallas, Texas and launched December 10, 2005. WorldVentures has office space in Dallas and employs a corporate staff of over 165 people.  On April 18, 2008 Michael J. Conway, 30-year travel veteran and Co-Founder of America West Airlines has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of World Ventures. He’s twice been named Airline Person of the Year by Travel Agent Magazine, was the lead airline and aerospace specialist for the New York Office of Price Waterhouse, and during his career he’s raised more than $1 billion in financings, including an IPO.  Former CEO Dan Stammen is now the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Throughout his 25 years in marketing, Stammen has built sales teams totaling more than 1.2 million representatives that generated over $900 million in sales revenue. If you join WorldVentures you can have peace-of-mind knowing that the company is being brought up in good hands by excellent leaders.


There are several different ways that you can get paid in WorldVentures. Here is a simplified explanation of the compensation plan.

1. Direct Commissions – You earn commissions for every new sale that you personally make. This can be a Dreamtrips membership sale, a Leisure Travel Consultant Package sale or both combined. The average commission amount is $20 per sale.

2. Personal Sales Bonus – For every 6 personal sales you make, you can receive a personal sales bonus. This bonus consists of $250 in cash and $100 in training dollars. Training dollars are used for any training events you attend from the company.

3. Weekly Team Building Bonus (Cycles) – In Worldventures, you build 2 teams: a right team and a left team. Within those teams sales will be made. Every time there are 3 sales made on the right team and 3 sales made on the left team, a $100 cycle bonus gets paid to you. These sales can be made by anyone on your team. The company pays out a $200 cycle bonus to you every time you cycle within your first 60 days. Some of the top earners in WV are cycling 20-30 times per day.

4. Residual Income – For every 6th cycle, you earn $20-$40 in passive, re-occurring residual income. This means if you cycle enough times you can earn enough residual income to pay for your bills at home. That would be amazing right!? You’d never have to worry about money again as long as you cycle enough times.

5. Travel Dollars – Similar to the residual income payout, for every 6th cycle, you’ll also earn $100 Travel Dollars. These dollars can be redeemed for travel booked through Rovia. Anyone within your immediate family can redeem them.

6. Lifestyle Bonuses – There are some very lucrative lifestyle bonuses you can earn. Once you hit the position of Regional Marketing Director, the company will give you a $1000 a month Dream car bonus that you can use to make a monthly payment to the car of your choice. And once you hit the position of International Marketing Director, you’ll receive a $1500 a month dream car bonus and a $3000 a month dream house bonus that you can apply to your house payment.

So as you can see, the WorldVentures compensation plan is great and you can earn a large amount of money with WorldVentures. It just all depends on how much you want it and how hard you are willing to work for it. Nothing comes easy, you usually have to work the business in order to get anywhere with it. For more information on how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit Jeremy’s MLM Training .

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An Honest Review Of Zurvita – Is It Legit Or All Hype?

Many of you who are reading this are looking into the Zurvita opportunity. As you may know, it is extremely important to pick a company that you are happy and satisfied with. You do not want to join with a company and then quit shortly after. You would just waste time and money. I have made this review to help you. I am not a member of Zurvita. I know people who are, but I just want to share my knowledge with everyone else. I have been to a couple of Zurvita opportunity meetings and I have two co-workers who were involved. This is a growing company in my local area.

Let me tell you a little about the owner. Zurvita was founded by Mark Jarvis. Mark Jarvis is a veteran of the network marketing industry. He walked away from his 1.3 Million dollar paycheck to start Zurvita from scratch. He was the #1 income earner at Ameriplan for many years. When he left Ameriplan and started Zurvita, several people in Ameriplan also went with him. He and his wife Tracy, are very good people. The reason they left Ameriplan and started Zurvita is because they wanted to build a company upon 3 core beliefs. These beliefs are to glorify God, to create strong but humble leadership, and to create an environment where people can win at every level.

Zurvita is still a very young company. Usually a young company is a great company for one to get involved with. This is simply because there are less individuals involved and more individuals for you to introduce to the company yourself. Typically, the top income earners of the network marketing industry get involved with a company when it is still fresh and at the ground floor level. But there are people who have gotten involved with a company once it has reached momentum and have become very successful leaders. It really just depends on how hard the person wants to succeed.

Zurvita has a variety of products and services to sell. Some of their services and products available include: Zurvita Choice Energy, Online Advertising, Telecommunication Services, Zurvita Health, Zurvita Protection Plan, and Zurvita Care Saver & Virtual Mall. They add on more and more products/services all of the time.

-Zurvita Choice Energy – The deregulation of natural gas and electricity is sweeping the US and it is bringing residential and commercial consumers the opportunity to save money on their utility bills. With the deregulation of energy industry, individuals and businesses now have the option to choose who they purchase their energy from. (available in deregulated states only)

-Online Advertising – Zurvita was able to absorb LocalAdLink, which was a struggling network marketing company, they are now able to sell LocalAdLink’s online advertising service. This is a great service for small business as saving money on advertising is a constant concern for business owners.

-Zurvita Health – This is a membership that people can buy for their every day health care needs so that they and their family will have peace of mind knowing that they have affordable healthcare. The fee for Zurvita Health is 19.95 to 24.95 per month.

-Telecommunication Services – This is my favorite. There are three telecom-related services that Zurvita sells. The first one is VoIP service, which allows people to make phone calls via the internet and is much cheaper than traditional local and long distance service (similar to skype). The second one is video phones, which enables people to see each other during a phone conversation. And lastly, is cellular phone service. It’s important to note that Zurvita’s digital phones are from WorldGate, the same company that makes videophones for A.C.N. And, as far as cellular service goes, Zurvita is a fully authorized dealer for all of the major carriers.

-Zurvita Protection Plan – For as low as $19.95 a month, customers can have access to over 20,000 attorneys and pre-qualified professionals who specialize in their area of expertise and offer various services designed to protect customer’s from todays most common legal issues. The program consists of legal services, tax preparation, roadside emergency services, and life event counseling.

-Zurvita Care Saver & Virtual Mall – Members can save up to 50% on everyday needs. Zurvita Care Saver is a personal discount program for favorite restaurants, movie theatres, local retailers, and personal & pet care providers. With the virtual mall, customers can shop online and receive cash back.

Now let me tell you about the compensation plan. There are three ways that you can earn money in Zurvita: Immediate income, leadership bonuses, and on-going residual income. There’s also a luxury car program for top producers. What’s great about their compensation plan is that there is a fair balance of upfront income and back-end income.

In my opinion, Zurvita is definitely a great company. Mark Jarvis is an experienced entrepreneur and he seems to know what he’s doing. This is one thing that you should look at when joining a company. Zurvita is definitely not a scam. However, joining Zurvita will not automatically make you wealthy. You must have drive and be consistent with your business. Your success will depend on your ability to sponsor others into your biz, get customers and train your team members how to do the same. And your ability to do this depends on your ability to market yourself professionally and generate leads. If you can’t generate leads then you will struggle. My advice is to leverage a self branding attraction marketing system that will give you the right marketing training so you can generate 50+ leads on a daily basis. If you combine an attraction marketing system with Zurvita’s business opportunity, you can be on your way to building a successful Zurvita business.

Unfortunately, most Zurvita reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your Zurvita business, visit my MLM Training

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The BIG Differences Between Sales and Network Marketing

Here Are Some Differences That I Have Noticed Between The Sales Industry and Network Marketing.

In Sales:

In most cases..

You are taught to be pushy and convincing.

You must know your product.

You have to spend MORE TIME with LESS PEOPLE. (to get them to buy)

You have to answer questions yourself.

You’re known for trying to take money (empty their pockets)

You can’t do it in your PJ’s or undies.

You have to work long hours.

You have a boss.

You spend most of your time in front of people.

You can’t do while on vacation.

Most salesmen get upset/frustrated when people say NO.

In Network Marketing:

In most cases…

You should be non-pushy. You are here to help people gain their financial success.

You do not need to know EVERYTHING about the product. Especially if you are new, the less you know the better.

It’s a people business. You are here to network with and help other people.

You do this better when spending LESS TIME with MORE PEOPLE. If you spend more than 5 minutes talking about your biz to someone then it’s too long.. all you should really be doing is inviting people to your video presentation/site/webinar/etc. YOU SAY TOO MUCH AND IT CAN HURT YOU. People will think that they have to do all of that talking and then they get overwhelmed (think duplication) DON’T talk to them for an hour about it with a big fancy projector screen at their house ; ) Keep It Simple. Keep them curious so they will visit your site and watch the presentation. Say too much and dig your own grave..

You don’t have to answer questions. Let your upline handle that on a 3-way call until you actually get good at it and you start making money.

You’re trying to help others make more money. (Not empty their pockets) lol

You can do it in your PJ’s or undies! ; )

You don’t have to work LONG hours. Unless you want to.

You are your own boss.

You spend most of your time on the phone or on the computer with prospects.

You can be network marketing while on vacation. Anywhere in the world..

Network Marketers shouldn’t get frustrated when people say NO. Realize that this isn’t for everyone. Also if a prospect says that he/she doesn’t think they will have time for it.. just agree with them. They will usually call you back and say something like “no, no wait! I think I can do it.” And don’t waste your time with people who say ah PYRAMID SCHEME! You waste more time talking to them trying to stick up for your business, when you really should have been talking to 5 or 6 other legitimate people about it. The real pyramid scheme is corporate America.

You don’t have to be a salesmen to do network marketing. Just become a master of inviting.

And don’t expect a certain outcome.. This will keep you from getting frustrated when someone says NO.

If you feel like you have to completely sell someone your opportunity, then maybe your in the wrong business?… People don’t like getting sold. Just invite and follow up. Make it a habit. And teach others to do the same. This is easy duplication. Keep it simple.

-Jeremy Wright


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