An Honest Review Of Zurvita – Is It Legit Or All Hype?

Many of you who are reading this are looking into the Zurvita opportunity. As you may know, it is extremely important to pick a company that you are happy and satisfied with. You do not want to join with a company and then quit shortly after. You would just waste time and money. I have made this review to help you. I am not a member of Zurvita. I know people who are, but I just want to share my knowledge with everyone else. I have been to a couple of Zurvita opportunity meetings and I have two co-workers who were involved. This is a growing company in my local area.

Let me tell you a little about the owner. Zurvita was founded by Mark Jarvis. Mark Jarvis is a veteran of the network marketing industry. He walked away from his 1.3 Million dollar paycheck to start Zurvita from scratch. He was the #1 income earner at Ameriplan for many years. When he left Ameriplan and started Zurvita, several people in Ameriplan also went with him. He and his wife Tracy, are very good people. The reason they left Ameriplan and started Zurvita is because they wanted to build a company upon 3 core beliefs. These beliefs are to glorify God, to create strong but humble leadership, and to create an environment where people can win at every level.

Zurvita is still a very young company. Usually a young company is a great company for one to get involved with. This is simply because there are less individuals involved and more individuals for you to introduce to the company yourself. Typically, the top income earners of the network marketing industry get involved with a company when it is still fresh and at the ground floor level. But there are people who have gotten involved with a company once it has reached momentum and have become very successful leaders. It really just depends on how hard the person wants to succeed.

Zurvita has a variety of products and services to sell. Some of their services and products available include: Zurvita Choice Energy, Online Advertising, Telecommunication Services, Zurvita Health, Zurvita Protection Plan, and Zurvita Care Saver & Virtual Mall. They add on more and more products/services all of the time.

-Zurvita Choice Energy – The deregulation of natural gas and electricity is sweeping the US and it is bringing residential and commercial consumers the opportunity to save money on their utility bills. With the deregulation of energy industry, individuals and businesses now have the option to choose who they purchase their energy from. (available in deregulated states only)

-Online Advertising – Zurvita was able to absorb LocalAdLink, which was a struggling network marketing company, they are now able to sell LocalAdLink’s online advertising service. This is a great service for small business as saving money on advertising is a constant concern for business owners.

-Zurvita Health – This is a membership that people can buy for their every day health care needs so that they and their family will have peace of mind knowing that they have affordable healthcare. The fee for Zurvita Health is 19.95 to 24.95 per month.

-Telecommunication Services – This is my favorite. There are three telecom-related services that Zurvita sells. The first one is VoIP service, which allows people to make phone calls via the internet and is much cheaper than traditional local and long distance service (similar to skype). The second one is video phones, which enables people to see each other during a phone conversation. And lastly, is cellular phone service. It’s important to note that Zurvita’s digital phones are from WorldGate, the same company that makes videophones for A.C.N. And, as far as cellular service goes, Zurvita is a fully authorized dealer for all of the major carriers.

-Zurvita Protection Plan – For as low as $19.95 a month, customers can have access to over 20,000 attorneys and pre-qualified professionals who specialize in their area of expertise and offer various services designed to protect customer’s from todays most common legal issues. The program consists of legal services, tax preparation, roadside emergency services, and life event counseling.

-Zurvita Care Saver & Virtual Mall – Members can save up to 50% on everyday needs. Zurvita Care Saver is a personal discount program for favorite restaurants, movie theatres, local retailers, and personal & pet care providers. With the virtual mall, customers can shop online and receive cash back.

Now let me tell you about the compensation plan. There are three ways that you can earn money in Zurvita: Immediate income, leadership bonuses, and on-going residual income. There’s also a luxury car program for top producers. What’s great about their compensation plan is that there is a fair balance of upfront income and back-end income.

In my opinion, Zurvita is definitely a great company. Mark Jarvis is an experienced entrepreneur and he seems to know what he’s doing. This is one thing that you should look at when joining a company. Zurvita is definitely not a scam. However, joining Zurvita will not automatically make you wealthy. You must have drive and be consistent with your business. Your success will depend on your ability to sponsor others into your biz, get customers and train your team members how to do the same. And your ability to do this depends on your ability to market yourself professionally and generate leads. If you can’t generate leads then you will struggle. My advice is to leverage a self branding attraction marketing system that will give you the right marketing training so you can generate 50+ leads on a daily basis. If you combine an attraction marketing system with Zurvita’s business opportunity, you can be on your way to building a successful Zurvita business.

Unfortunately, most Zurvita reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your Zurvita business, visit my MLM Training

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