Hello and Happy New Year!
I’ve decided to make this year really count.
I’m going to work on my business more than ever before and take it to new heights.
I am also going to be working on my personal development/mindset and I will be reading more books, blogging more, and exploring new things.
My first book I would like to start reading this year is one that my friend told me about called
“QIGONG THE SECRET OF YOUTH” by Dr.Yang, Jwing-Ming. It is supposed to be about meditation, T’ai Chi, Yin and Yang, and how to control the energy within.

Some goals of mine for 2015:

1)To start going to church more

2)To eat healthier

3)To be more organized

4)To work on my mindset

5)To be more consistent

Have you decided what you are going to do different for the New Year?
Here is a video that I found to be very influential:

Kindness creates a ripple effect that can change someone’s
life forever. Decide to make 2015 a year in which you’ll
commit to being kind and helping others. If we each
decide to be better, we’ll collectively make the world
a better place.

Jeremy Wright
Business Success Coach

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PS:Whatever your current situation find the good in it. Everything starts in your mind and you can decide here to change your world

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