Isagenix Review – An Honest Review Of Isagenix – Is It Legit?

First, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with ISAGENIX in any way. I know people who are using Isagenix and who are working the business. I was introduced to Isagenix a few months back. I have knowledge of the company and I am just sharing my knowledge with you. You can feel comfortable in knowing that what you read is a completely honest review.

Isagenix is a Network Marketing company based on health and wellness. Their products are trusted in many different countries around the world. Isagenix has also been seen on TV.

John Anderson is the Founder of the company. John is a master formulator of nutritional supplements. He has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, and he has created more than 2300 nutritional and weight loss products. The products he has created are internationally recognized. I’m sure he knows what he is doing and what he is formulating after making over 2300 products.

Jim and Kathy Coover are the Co-Founders of Isagenix.
Jim Coover, President and CEO of Isagenix, has been a part of many other network marketing companies. He has helped shape the network marketing industry and he has created one of the most generous, simple and effective compensation plans in the industry.

Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President, is a nationally recognized and respected leader in the Network Marketing industry. She has become a top money earner in three separate companies and has made millions in income since 1992. She is an expert at training people.

The Isagenix product line includes 5 pillars of health to help people live a longer and healthier life.

CLEANSE FOR LIFE – Cleanse for Life is an all-natural nutritional drink that helps support the removal of toxins.

ISALEAN SHAKE – The Isa Lean Shake is a meal replacement formula for losing weight. This shake also has a formula for preventing muscle loss which is important for anyone trying to lose weight (powder protein). Protein intake is also important for living a longer and healthier life.

IONIX SUPREME – Ionix Supreme is a formula made to reduce physical and mental stress. One to two ounces of this daily will help your body better cope with the effects of stress. This is also known to give more energy and greater performance for an improved quality of life.

AGELESS ESSENTIALS FOR WOMEN – Ageless Essentials pak helps rejuvenate the body at the cellular level. This includes optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals.

PRODUCT B – Product B reduces oxidative stress and provides Telomere support.

You can make a great residual income with Isagenix. The Isagenix compensation plan is a binary compensation plan. You have two teams. This means that one person who signs up into the business goes on your left team and another person goes on your right team. Then your teams build from there. I recommend that you check out the compensation plan on the Isagenix website because it goes into greater detail on the compensation. To start earning team bonuses you will need to reach a certain rank. Once you reach that rank then you will be able to earn volume (BV points) on each of your teams and then you will end up cashing out on it. Every product in Isagenix has a point status. You must get 600 BV (Binary Volume) on one side and 300 BV on the other side. Once this happens it is called a Cycle and you will receive about $54 or 6% of the BV. This BV comes from unlimited levels down so you can make a LOT of money once you get your teams built. In total there are 6 different income streams in different ranks of Isagenix. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of work to get your teams built just like any MLM company.

With this business opportunity, you must shift people into taking a cleansing/weight loss product. This has some side effects that some people may not like. Also some say that it doesn’t taste very good. Therefore, it may be harder to build the business. You also have 1 to 2 days of not eating much food. However, the Isagenix opportunity sounds like a great one because there are several people in the United States who need to lose weight and cleanse the bad toxins out of their body. Also, many people have lost weight using this product and it has even been featured on the news. And you can succeed with this business if you have the right training and knowledge on how to market the business.

However, most Isagenix reps will never achieve the success they want because they lack the marketing skills needed to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business, visit my MLM Training.

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