Junk Mail Profits


Don’t be. Take a look at this simple strategy I use to get FREE advertising from junk mail.

I receive several credit card offers and insurance offers in the mail.

They usually

all have a



inside. ; )

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Time Management


Today I was just thinking about TIME and how valuable it is. There is no turning back time. Time keeps going and going and going. Pretty soon our time will be up on this earth. Will you have accomplished what you want by then?  To be a successful person you must have good time management. There are several things to do in one day. But you must be managing your work and play.

One of the biggest ways that people waste time without realizing it, is by not having a basic agenda for their day, a routine. Many people get up in the morning and just start doing things without being organized about it. Someone who gets up and goes jogging every day for the past 5 years isn’t going to spend much time wondering if he/she should go today.

Part of the trick to doing this is to start small with things that you will actually follow through with. I see people decide they are going to get up at 5 am every morning and it lasts exactly 0 days. They would be better off getting up consistently at 7 and sticking with that commitment and then see about moving it back. Instead of committing to yourself to workout for 2 hours a day, maybe you should start with doing 50 sit ups and 25 push ups and sticking with it.


1. Grab a pen and paper. Write down 2 things you do everyday that waste your time. (Ex: TV, Video Games, Too Much Time On The Computer, etc).

2. Now mark an x through those time-wasters. Replace those time-wasters with 2-3 things that would be useful and help you accomplish your goals.

3. Now Make A Daily Schedule/Routine.

Look at your weeks work schedule and schedule these 2-3 things around it. (maybe every sunday night)

4. You should consider these must-do activities as part of your work schedule and do them daily. Be consistent and determined to finish these tasks. You may want to break your schedule up and do a certain amount in the morning before work and then the other half at night, before bed. Be committed to finish your tasks before you sleep : )

5. Now post your schedule up on the wall, maybe in your cell phone calendar, and/or on your computer.

Thanks for reading. Check out some of the quotes below.

Time Management Quotes:

“Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!“ – Tony Robbins

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.“ – Peter F. Drucker

“Time is money.“ – Benjamin Franklin

“Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.“ – Carl Sandburg

“Take action now, because tomorrow never comes.” -Marshall Sylver

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A Few Tips To Build Network Marketing Success

.         A Path To Success         .

Photo By: Michal Marcol

Be consistent with the fundamentals of network marketing..
Prospecting, Presenting, Following Up

Become a master of inviting..

-Invite people to a webinar, a home meeting, an opportunity meeting, a call, a 3-way call, or to take a look at your company DVD or other tools.
-Follow Up

Be consistent and do the right things long enough, and your business will explode.

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Network Marketers- Are You Tired Of Your Auto Ship Product? Numis Network Is Here!

The truth is that I really didn’t love my old company’s auto ship product
I used to always forget to eat mine. And so would everyone else.. And I had boxes of expiring vitamins piling up on me.

I love my monthly auto ship product now!
I don’t have to eat it. I just collect it and it is something that everyone wants more of! How do I know everyone wants more of it!? Look in your wallet! Look at your TV and what’s the most viewed kind of commercials on today?? Either a cell phone commercial or a WE BUY GOLD COMMERCIAL! I collect MS70 Silver and Gold Coins. And these are collectible coins so they increase in value over time.

Learn about the amazing compensation plan
If you wish to learn more about joining Numis Network or if you are interested in collecting coins then click here and you will be able to learn more about the amazing compensation plan and how to get started.

Numis Network Special Offer!
And now for a limited time only (until 10/31/10) you can join as an Associate Business Rep for only $75.00 and get your 1st MS70 coin for free! The coin is worth $125.00 so this should be a no brainer for anyone wanting to start. View our collection of coins here

Now check out my practice video/bloopers!
I think you will get a kick out of it!

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Where should you start?

MY Lead System Pro Speakers

There are so many great speakers, Jerry Clark, Tracy Walker, Mike Dillard, Cedrick Harris, David Wood, Nicole Cooper, and the list goes on and on….


That consistency will trump intensity every day of the week!

What Does This Mean??

What it means is that it’s better to do the same things for 1 hour EVERY DAY, than it is to do it for 8 hours one day and nothing for the next week….

When it comes to work from home business ideas, a lot of us have different network marketing opportunities that we want to rank for on google or generate a ton of leads for, right??

So how can you do that when there’s a ton of the best internet marketers out there already doing that and representing themselves as your competition?

The Answer is SIMPLE:


Whatever you love to do, whether it’s blogging, article marketing, videos, prospecting, WHATEVER it may be, do that once to twice a day every day and you can’t POSSIBLY NOT generate leads. If you did this it would be impossible for you not to generate a lead… WHY??


Where Do I Start??

It’s really not hard what we do, yet so many of us try to make it extremely complicated and analyze every ebook and piece of information.

One thing that one of the speakers said that I thought was GREAT, is to start by writing a piece of content every single day. You choose what content you put out there by what you love to do the most. Find a keyword that makes sense, (if you don’t understand how to do this you can go to the post I wrote about keywords) and if you love blogging, write a blog every day, if you like videos, do a video a day, if you love articles, write an article every day, do whatever you want!

If you’re unsure how to do any of this, MLSP (my lead system pro) gives some great ideas on where to post your articles and how to create a blog. For articles I highly recommend ezine articles, easy and free way to get your stuff out there, and for a blog obviously wordpress.org is the best to use.

Again, you can’t possibly do all of these things every single day and not get leads, IMPOSSIBLE! My Advice would be to alternate between videos and written content so that you have a mixture of things on the internet. In addition you can also prospect every day (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)!

Prospecting is still what pays us, and at the end of the day you’ve probably spent an hour or two on all of the things I just mentioned, pretty easy huh?

Start today, don’t wait “until tomorrow” or for your “creative genius” to come into effect, start right NOW! Get some content out on the internet every day, prospect every day, and I promise you you’ll build a massive business.

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Joining Numis Just Got Easier!

Question For Numis Network Reps and those looking to Join

Do you think that you and your team could build your business if you had an option that everyone could afford and that actually paid you a commission?

This is the question that the leadership asked themselves when they created this latest promotion. Let me give it to you straight. I believe, this promotion, will add 100,000 reps into Numis Network in the next 12 months. I believe there has never been a better time than right now to build this company. But, let me quit building it up and just tell you what the promotion is.

The Brand New Promotion

"ms70 silver eagle"For now until November 1st, 2010, anyone who joins Numis Network at the $75 level, receives an MS70 Silver Eagle with a market value of approximately $125. In the past Numis Network reps were really encouraged to only promote the higher cost option to join Numis but, here’s the reality, not everyone was having success locating people who could afford to pay $500 to join the business. With this new option, every single person in Numis Network can generate a check.

Why Did They Create This Promotion?

The founders of Numis Network understand that we are in a tough economy. Not everyone will plop down $500 but, anyone can afford to join at $75, get a taste for the company and then, if they think it makes sense, upgrade to the full position. For the last 5 months, Numis has averaged higher than 20% of people who came in at the associate level upgraded to the executive level. With this new promotion, every single person has the ability to bring people into the company and we believe there will still be a 20+% of them decide to upgrade once they see the leadership, training and story of Numis Network.

Does the $75 Option Pay?

Yes. Starting right now, anytime a Numis rep brings in someone at the $75 level, 60 points in volume is generated. That equates to $6 in their pay leg. I know reps that have brought in 8-12 associates but before this promotion, they did not get any commissions. Now, every single person, regardless of skill or experience, can start to generate commissions right away and start to build their business.

For Those That Have Been Looking at Numis Network

There has NEVER been a lower risk way to join Numis Network. There has never been an easier way to generate a check in Numis Network. Coincidentally, Gold and Silver have never been hotter. If you think you can get people into a tax advantaged homebased business for $75 and those people receive a $125 MS Silver Eagle, then, get back with the person that talked to you about the company and I look forward to helping you all build your business!

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