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I think everyone would love to!
That is why I am writing this on my blog today.
You have the ability to read your prospects mind but you must first learn how and practice it.
There is a simple formula for this.
Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to talk to your prospect on the phone or in person and know them almost better than they know themselves.
You will know what to say to please him/her into making an intelligent decision.

Marketing has to come before the sale!
In marketing you should answer these questions. This is basic marketing. “KNOW THY PROSPECT”

Who? What? When? Where? How?

Who – Who is the person looking at your ad/watching your video? Who are you trying to attract? Your ideal prospect? (Network Marketers)
What - What is it? What do you have that they want?
When – When do they want it? NOW! If they enter a name and phone number they want it right now. (You can create urgency so they do want it now)
Where – Where can they get it? Where can they buy it? (Your Website? Directly from you? Through mail? Fax?)
How - How are they gonna buy it? (With credit card on website? Phone? Store?)

Now Create A Marketing Plan
How are you going to present and connect these people with what they need/what you have??
Lets say you made a video telling about your product and someone went to your site and entered their name and phone number..
Now it is time for you to pick up the phone and call them!

There Are 4 Phases That You Need To Go Through With Your Prospect
Introduction – Introduce yourself.
Rapport – Build a relationship with your prospect on the phone or in person.
Fact Finding Phase – Find the facts. What do they want?

Look over the personality types below and see if you can figure out their personality type by asking them questions and listening to what they have to say.

Everybody in the world is some combination of these colors/personalities.


-If you figure out their dominant personality type, then you will also know what to expect from them when trying to close the sale.

-Cause Motivated Category
-Fact Motivated Category
-Fun Motivated Category
-Money Motivated Category

*Be sure to see the picture illustration at the top of this post*

Yellow Personality

They are usually open-indirect when speaking to you.
Generally Yellows are cause motivated. They like to help people.
They are in more service-type of professions.
Examples: Nurse, Teacher, Non-profit.
Yellows can also be a stay-at-home mom because they are usually nurturing.
They have a big heart. They usually put others before themselves.
Yellows are generally soft-spoken.
Yellows fall between open and indirect on the personality chart.
Examples: If you were speaking to a yellow personality and you asked them what they currently do for a living..
Open response: I’m a Nurse.
Indirect response: I help people.. I work with people in the health industry. (they answered you but you kind of have to squeeze it out of them a little)

At the end of the day yellows are gonna be the ones who help you the most in your organization because they are the teachers. 

Green Personality

They are usually indirect-closed when speaking to you.
Generally they do not buy on impulse.
They use terms such as research, more information, due diligence.
There occupations are generally I.T. Professionals, Accountants, and Engineers.
They can sit in a cubicle all day and be fine with it. (lone rangers)
They are number driven people.
These people are the most LOYAL. They do not flip-flop.
Once they decide on something they stick with it.
They will stick with you through thick and thin.
Example of a closed personality..
Question: What do you do for a living?
Closed response: I work for a fortune 500 company.
See they answered the question but we still don’t know what they do..

Blue Personality

When speaking to you they are usually open-direct
These can be outside sales people. They are usually very talkative people.
They love meeting new people.
These people don’t want to sit in a cubicle.
Blues can also be Realtors or Mortgage Brokers.
They like to have FUN!
They like interacting with other people.
These people are generally kind of junky and they don’t wear watches. They don’t care about time.
This is the group of people who will help you promote the most. 
They may not be as loyal as others because they can jump around from one thing to another frequently.
It’s all about having FUN!!
Example of a direct response:
What do you do for a living?
Direct response: Oh im a top earner in my abc marketing business.

Red Personality

When speaking to you they are usually direct-closed.
They are concerned with how much money they can make.
They like bonuses, flashy items, bragging rights, and big vacations!
They don’t mind telling others what to do! (Hints the word direct)
Red occupations consist of: CEO type of people, Bosses, and Entrepreneurs who have been in the game for quite some time.
It’s not about feelings! It’s about the bottom line!
They are almost like a SUPER STAR.
Their skills are usually off the chart so much to the point that they can’t really teach it that well.
Now lets give you a sample of closing someone who is in the GREEN-Fact Motivated personality
Joe has already told you that he is an accountant. You have already built rapport..

You: Well great! I think ABC company/product will be the perfect thing for you. We have a 2 week trial that is only $9.95
You can try it yourself and then it will give you time to make an intelligent decision.
Is that what you want to do Joe?
Joe: sure..
You: Great! How soon do you want to get started?
When can you get behind our product/system and do your due diligence?
Joe: Well i think i want to do a little more research…
(You shouldn’t get knocked out of your seat..)
You: Well what can I do to help you do some more research over this?..
Lets do this.. Why don’t we agree to reconnect in 2 days?
Does friday work good for you joe?
Joe: Yes
You: Great what time?
Joe: 5pm
You: Great! You know joe it would be a great delight for me if you have anymore questions to just write them down and then i will answer them when we speak again on friday.
Now Joe had a great experience! You fed him what he likes to eat. Joe will come back to you. You didn’t try to sell him. You helped him. You weren’t pushy.

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