The BIG Differences Between Sales and Network Marketing

Here Are Some Differences That I Have Noticed Between The Sales Industry and Network Marketing.

In Sales:

In most cases..

You are taught to be pushy and convincing.

You must know your product.

You have to spend MORE TIME with LESS PEOPLE. (to get them to buy)

You have to answer questions yourself.

You’re known for trying to take money (empty their pockets)

You can’t do it in your PJ’s or undies.

You have to work long hours.

You have a boss.

You spend most of your time in front of people.

You can’t do while on vacation.

Most salesmen get upset/frustrated when people say NO.

In Network Marketing:

In most cases…

You should be non-pushy. You are here to help people gain their financial success.

You do not need to know EVERYTHING about the product. Especially if you are new, the less you know the better.

It’s a people business. You are here to network with and help other people.

You do this better when spending LESS TIME with MORE PEOPLE. If you spend more than 5 minutes talking about your biz to someone then it’s too long.. all you should really be doing is inviting people to your video presentation/site/webinar/etc. YOU SAY TOO MUCH AND IT CAN HURT YOU. People will think that they have to do all of that talking and then they get overwhelmed (think duplication) DON’T talk to them for an hour about it with a big fancy projector screen at their house ; ) Keep It Simple. Keep them curious so they will visit your site and watch the presentation. Say too much and dig your own grave..

You don’t have to answer questions. Let your upline handle that on a 3-way call until you actually get good at it and you start making money.

You’re trying to help others make more money. (Not empty their pockets) lol

You can do it in your PJ’s or undies! ; )

You don’t have to work LONG hours. Unless you want to.

You are your own boss.

You spend most of your time on the phone or on the computer with prospects.

You can be network marketing while on vacation. Anywhere in the world..

Network Marketers shouldn’t get frustrated when people say NO. Realize that this isn’t for everyone. Also if a prospect says that he/she doesn’t think they will have time for it.. just agree with them. They will usually call you back and say something like “no, no wait! I think I can do it.” And don’t waste your time with people who say ah PYRAMID SCHEME! You waste more time talking to them trying to stick up for your business, when you really should have been talking to 5 or 6 other legitimate people about it. The real pyramid scheme is corporate America.

You don’t have to be a salesmen to do network marketing. Just become a master of inviting.

And don’t expect a certain outcome.. This will keep you from getting frustrated when someone says NO.

If you feel like you have to completely sell someone your opportunity, then maybe your in the wrong business?… People don’t like getting sold. Just invite and follow up. Make it a habit. And teach others to do the same. This is easy duplication. Keep it simple.

-Jeremy Wright


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