Yevo Review – Is It Legit? This Might Surprise You


First of all, I would like to say that I am not affiliated with Yevo in any way. I have knowledge of the Yevo business opportunity because I have been introduced to the business and I’ve been involved with Network Marketing for a number of years. I have enough knowledge of Yevo to write this non-biased Yevo Review. The company is built based upon 4 goals: to have long term sustainable growth, to have a good dollar per hour proposition/good compensation, a good career path, and for it to follow all of the guidelines within Legislation.

Yevo is a company that Peter Castleman has developed. Peter Castleman is a very smart guy. He actually graduated at the top of his class in Economics from Duke University and he became a professor at Harvard. He has also worked on Wall Street. He has been a very successful part in NuSkin, Herbalife and Igloo. He bought out North Face Outerwear Company when it was going bankrupt, and turned it into a $3 billion per year company. He has taken about a Dozen companies and put most of them into Billion Dollar status. Needless to say, the company Yevo is in great hands!

Peter Castleman is passionate about nutrition and health. That is why he has decided to open a company that is based solely around the nutrition and health industry. The product of Yevo is Whole Food Based Meals, which have a shelf life of up to 3 years. This food is also GMO free. And best of all, for those within the US, all of the food is grown in America. The food is also very tasty. The alfredo sauce alone, contains up to 43 nutrients and is gourmet delicious! Each meal is 400 calories or less. These meals also help people with portion control.

Yevo has an extraordinary product that people are going to want, need, and use. Yevo has an awesome opportunity because everyone needs this product. Yevo is already ready to roll out into 5 other countries. The Comp plan is very lucrative. The comp plan is a 7 Generation deep Hybrid Uni-Level comp plan. You find 3 people who like to eat healthy and get them enrolled in the company and your food is free. As you are building your business, you are getting paid on the volume that you and your team members are creating. There are some incredible wealth building bonuses as a result of you building/growing your organization.

Yevo is also a one-to-one compensation plan, this means that there is not a CV/BV split which basically means that if you purchase 100 bucks worth of products and someone else purchases 100 bucks worth of products then, there will be 100% commissionable volume. More than 50% of commissionable volume cannot come from your own personal purchases though.

There is also no monthly auto ship requirements, but there are volume requirements for being active, this volume is made up of customer volume/purchases and your own volume/purchases.

In my opinion, the Yevo compensation plan is excellent, and you can earn a substantial amount of money in the business. This company is led by some great people, but your success depends on how hard you are willing to work for it.

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